Gamma Agro Chemicals and equipment was established by the GAMAS in 2018,it’s more based on line under the web name with the future plans of having its main shop in Kampala since agriculture is the back born of Uganda at large .therefore our aim is to provide our customers with super quality products and services hence solving problems affecting agriculture as the business in a sustainable manner.

In addition to that the company will spare no effort in delivering the latest modern technologies of pest control, crop protection and other agriculture inputs like fertilizers ,herbicides,hormones such as rooting hormones and seedlings which will lead to yield maximization..

The agrochemicals include insecticides , fungicides, pesticides ,herbicides ,fertilizers and soil conditioners .

This company specializes in crop husbandry from land to fork and it has its products at wholesale and retail and deals with public and private sectors and farmers. The company provides whatever is required for crop healthy from land preparation to table. This includes land preparation, agronomic practices ,harvesting and storage

In land preparation we provide customers with quality machines to carry out land clearing first and second ploughing. We provide best seeds which are resistant to pests and diseases high yielding and first maturity

Under agronomic practices we provide our customers with herbicides , pesticides(insecticides,acaricides,rodenticides) fertilizers both organic and inorganic,fungicides

With herbicide we have selective and non selective both for broad leaved and narrow leaved weeds to be applied pre and post planting

Under pesticides we have very effective pesticides from well known manufacturers and these include on farm pesticides and storage pesticides

Fertilizers are in different forms solid, liquid , granules and crystals for both organic and inorganic.

Gama agrochemicals is the best supplier of seedlings all over Uganda which include fruits and vegetable ,plant perennials such as coffee, palm oil, cocoa, and cotton seeds ,pastures cereals and legumes , and annual crop seeds both cereals and legumes. Hybrids and fi generation seeds, tree and shrub seeds, flowers and many others.

Tools, equipment and machines ;gama has the following: garden tools, harvesters , knapsacks, sprayers , granaries , taplins, millers , deshellers, irrigation systems and many others .

Lastly, Gama agrochemicals has well trained personnel to provide the best agricultural advisory services to customers. We also have well trained and experienced sales and marketing staff providing the best services to customers over the past years and the future in addition to that, gama agrochemicals organizes workshops to customers.